South Cumbria’s Catchment Plan

South Cumbria is spectacular, isn’t it?  We certainly believe it is, but we also know it has its share of problems and that together we need to protect and enhance it for future generations. Therefore, we’ve developed our catchment plan.

The South Cumbria Catchment Partnership, Becks to Bay brings together a number of stakeholders including community members to plan for the future of South Cumbria.

South Cumbria Rivers Trust host the Becks to Bay partnership, with funding from Natural Course and DEFRA. Under the national Catchment Based Approach Initiative, we are working to further these connections, make information more accessible and develop a pipeline of actions for South Cumbria.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Becks to Bay partnership and contribute to the catchment plans for South Cumbria please visit our Becks to Bay website.

There are many reasons to protect and conserve this environment, however, we also recognise that there are many problems and threats. We want to ensure that our work is delivered in a strategic way, based on sound evidence and working closely with other organisations and local communities to ensure we achieve the most from the projects we deliver. This is where the catchment plan comes in.

So why not take a look and see what’s happening in your local area or join the discussions to see how you can make a difference.