Works start to conserve endangered freshwater mussels!

1 May, 2015 by Sue

SCRT have launched the new project to conserve the critically endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussel across the South Cumbria area. Although this project focusses upon Mussels, the wider ecological and social benefits are widespread. This includes benefits to other species river such as salmon, trout and invertebrates as well as our native crayfish. Additionally environmental factors such as bathing water quality, flood alleviation, erosion mitigation and algal bloom prevention are also significantly improved. In some cases mussel populations have declined by…

Prehistoric fish breeding in Cumbrian rivers!

19 June, 2014 by Sue

  Sea Lampreys (Petromyzon marinus) were a common sight in UK rivers but have suffered dramatic declines in the last few decades and are now an endangered species. These ancient snake-like creatures resemble an eel but unlike most fish, they lack scales, jaws and gill covers and have a cartilaginous skeleton. Their sucker-like mouths, pointy teeth and rasping tongue are by far their most unusual features. Their creepy appearance is matched by their feeding strategy: they use their mouth to…