Reconnecting floodplains….

31 August, 2016 by Dr Mike Sturt

On the 5th September, we’ll be starting a project in the village of Staveley on the River Kent. The project aims to remove 800m of embankment which currently holds the river back away from the floodplain. This work will not only improve the river habitat by reducing scour on the river bed and gravels (therefore maintaining good fish spawning gravels) but it will allow flood waters to more easily spread across the floodplain and hopefully protect properties in the village…

Stone skimming results 2016!

22 August, 2016 by Dr Mike Sturt

The results are out for the 2016 All England Stone Skimming Championships! The weather was terrible but there were some excellent throws – well done to everyone who took part! RESULTS Under 11’s Boys: 1st Place – Jack Sumner (24m), 2nd Place – Jacob Trotman (16m), 3rd Place – Freddie Tomlinson (15m) Under 11’s Girls: No qualifying throws 11 to 16 years Boys: 1st Place – Ben Hooper (57m), 2nd Place – Ross Singleton (55m), 3rd Place – James Marsh…

Middlefield Beck uncovered after 150 years!

5 August, 2016 by Dr Mike Sturt

We’ve just finished a project on Middlefield Beck (a tributary of the River Eea in Cartmel) where a 100m culverted section of the beck has been opened up after 150 years! The banks have been reseeded and trees planted to recreate a healthy Cumbrian beck. We’ll be monitoring the beck in the years to come to keep track of the bug and fish life that recolonises this new habitat!

Checking our woody debris….

2 February, 2016 by Dr Mike Sturt

It looks like all of last years Large Woody Debris (LWD) installations survived the December floods…. The large tree trunks were securely attached to the banks using steel cables. The branches provide a complex network of underwater crevices which serve as refuge and protection for fish from predators such as cormorants and mink.