Natural Flood Management-LWDs

We have just finished installing 10 Large-Woody debris structures (LWDs) at a small beck near Windermere.

The LWDs are a great example of Natural Flood Management (NFM); techniques that are used to alleviate flooding  using natural features and processes. Other great examples, include: creating wetlands, bank restoration, managing land and soil, creating woodland and so on. LWDs are used, as they mimic the woody debris that form naturally when trees and debris fall into a watercourse. They cause water flowing down the beck to be forced out onto the flood plain in storm events, slowing the flow in channel and increasing the volume of water temporarily retained on the land next to it.

We have installed water recording equipment to monitor the effects that the LWDs have. The information provided will also help assess the efficiency of the different LWD designs used in the project.