Reforming & Flowering – Rusland Pool

Matt Carroll, our project delivery officer, has been working on a getting a 55 metre section of river in the Rusland Pool area, de-culverted over the last few months.
A culvert is a buried structure that allows water to flow under a road, field, trail etc from one side to another without obstruction.
The site forms part of a wetland area and by de-culverting the site, the natural stream habitat can now be restored; quickly benefiting fish, invertebrates and other wildlife. It will allow for the creation of a riparian buffer strip and riparian woodland too. By reconnecting the underground water course with the natural floodplain, it will increase flood water storage through the restoration of natural river processes.
After completion, the site looks fantastic with the addition of over 100 native wetland flowers. Varieties such asĀ devil’s-bit scabious, marsh marigold and birds foot trefoil have been planted around the area, that will further benefit wildlife and insects, as well as looking lovely!
Have a look at some pictures: