Gowan Bridge, Staveley Opening Celebrations This Thursday 18th!

16 May, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

We are joining the celebrations for the opening of the NEW Gowan Bridge in Staveley following the devastating floods caused by storm Desmond in December 2015.  How will you cross the bridge? *Not sure if my white-clawed crayfish suit will be completed by then but fingers-crossed ;)* Come and join in and find out about what we do and how you can get involved too!

A Comment on Catchment Resilience

16 May, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

Dr Laurence Couldrick, CEO of Westcountry Rivers Trust, discusses catchment resilience.  The effects of climate change and land management practices are very present.  Cumbria is still recovering and learning from the devastating floods caused by Storm Desmond in December 2015, and only last week we have been managing water shortages caused by very low rainfall in April.  This blog fluently expresses the need for multi-sector working in order for truly resilient catchments and communities to become established.

The new ‘Becks To Bay’ website is now LIVE!

4 May, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

We are your local catchment partnership for South Cumbria. Since summer 2015 we have been working together to build a partnership which functions to conserve and protect the catchments of South Cumbria. This website shows some of the information we have gathered to date, including the current status of our catchments, the main issues and the actions we are putting in place to improve the environment for all: please visit the ‘catchment plan’ tabs to find out more.  Becks to…

NEWSFLASH! Tune in to BBC Radio Cumbria, Tuesday 2nd May, 8:20am!

1 May, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

Listen to Jayne Wilkinson discussing the NEW ‘Becks To Bay’ website LIVE on BBC Radio Cumbria, Tuesday 2nd May at 8:20am.   Are you a local business? A local Landowner? A member of the public? Find out how you can get involved and share your vision for the future of South Cumbria.

The Life Of A South Cumbrian Freshwater Pearl Mussel

11 April, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

St Oswald’s, Heron Hill, Langdale and Staveley primary schools have been busy learning about freshwater mussels with our Freshwater Pearl Mussel education team, Biffa Award and Nurture Lakeland. Lots of great artwork has been produced and a mini drama created by the students to celebrate the fantastic lifecycle of freshwater mussels finished off the project.  Now you can watch the film here!

It’s Invasives Week 2017!

28 March, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

It’s #InvasivesWeek run by @CheckCleanDryGB! In #Cumbria we love to spend time on, in and around our beautiful lakes and rivers. Whatever activity you enjoy – angling, swimming, boating, diving, walking, biking and paddling, we all have the potential to introduce and spread freshwater Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS). Cumbria is home to some rare and vulnerable native species such as white-clawed crayfish, pearl mussels, vendace, lampreys and Arctic charr. The survival of these species are being threatened by the intoduction…

Metals Sampling

14 March, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

As part of our freshwater metals content research, we have taken a series of 20 sediment samples from a number of becks from the top of Little Langdale at Greenburn Reservoir down to Elterwater, and also 5 water samples along the way. The samples are being analysed for metal content to see if the old Greenburn Copper Mine (and all the other mine workings in the valley) are still having an impact on water and sediments downstream – and if…

Redox and equipment maintenance workshop

10 February, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

Dr Mike Sturt and Dr Charlotte Hall took part in a really useful workshop on Redox and dissolved oxygen measurements in interstitial river bed sites and equipment maintenance from Juergen Geist & Kathi Stoeckl, hosted by the Freshwater Biological Association, Windermere. This information and great practical experience will be applied to our monitoring work and will provide valuable data and insight into the habitats preferred by the fresh water mussel populations.

‘River Mint Rehabilitation at Spital Farm’

17 January, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

Follow our new project ‘River Mint Rehabilitation at Spital Farm’ on @Localgiving We need to raise money for tree planting and we need volunteers!

12 January, 2017 by Dr Meredith Revill

Cumbria has the longest length of Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Special Areas of Conservation rivers in England. Help us protect and improve them, sign up to our newsletter to find out how you can get involved and volunteer and donate if you can here:  Thank you!