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I’m Oliver and I have recently joined SCRT as a Water Scientist. My role will be to support the other members of the team, particularly around data collection and analysis, bringing the understanding and experience I developed through my degree.
Over my first two months, I have certainly been putting many of these skills and techniques into practice, as well as learning about where and how the Trust operates. Having visited various parts of South Cumbria on holiday over the years, it has been eye-opening to come back and see it from a new perspective. I have been out round the Windermere catchment collecting water samples with Rachael, had a guided tour from our Coniston volunteers to learn about their citizen science data, and been out on Elterwater in the sunshine!
As well as getting out to see project sites, I have also been getting up to speed on how SCRT has contributed to projects such as at Elterwater and how my role will include the continued monitoring of these sites. We carry out continued monitoring over several years to track how well these interventions are performing.
Elterwater sampling with Mike and Roy (the dog)
Windermere Sampling


Highlights of my first month in particular include getting out and about with the rest of the team, giving me the chance to get to know them and the projects they are working on. I have joined Emma, installing fish refuges and leaky dams at Elf Howe and supporting Hannah with water sampling at Poaka Beck. Luckily, both in fantastic weather! I have also been working closely with Rachael in sharing both the Windermere and Elterwater sampling responsibilities, while Mike and I have been working closely on the non-mains drainage related work at SCRT.

Part of that has involved me attending meetings for the Love Windermere Partnership non-mains drainage and data, science and evidence workstreams (with Mike) on behalf of SCRT. This has provided me a greater understanding of the challenges partners are seeking to address through the Love Windermere partnership. Being involved in developing solutions to improve the condition of the UK’s most iconic lake has been the most rewarding so far and one that I’m looking forward to contributing more to in the future.
Over the next few weeks, I am looking forward to getting stuck into some of SCRT’s long-term datasets, to see how my analysis might support future project work. I will also be getting more involved in various Natural Flood Management (NFM) projects in terms of monitoring before and after works. We can then assess the positive impacts such interventions are having on flooding, sediment control and habitat creation.