Windermere CaST away!

Our CaST project, Windermere reedbed restoration, gets underway!
We have started works on reedbed restoration at Galava in Ambleside. This is just one site where reedbed creation will be taking place, with support from landowners National Trust. Our contractor has been on site, installing a fence around what will be the new reedbed site on the shore of Lake Windermere. Fencing is erected to keep out wildfowl and livestock from the area.

Reedbeds have declined by 90% in recent years, yet they are an important habitat for intercepting pollution before it enters the watercourse. It is also vital habitat for fish, invertebrates and for nesting birds.
Catchment Systems Thinking (CaST) is a United Utilities’ approach to managing catchments in a holistic, integrated manner. The CaST approach encourages us to think beyond catchment land, looking at the wider environment, to consider what is best for the environment, customers and communities.
This project will address water quality issues through reedbed planting at priority sites. It will also address public perception by engaging communities with nature through work party days; as well as wider public engagement activities, e.g. reedbed walks, demo days and talks at local community groups.
We have eight reedbed restoration sites around Windermere, which will equate to more that 800 sq m of reedbed creation / restoration.
If you fancy joining us to plant some reeds, get in touch.