Stone skimming results 2016!

The results are out for the 2016 All England Stone Skimming Championships!

The weather was terrible but there were some excellent throws – well done to everyone who took part!


Under 11’s Boys: 1st Place – Jack Sumner (24m), 2nd Place – Jacob Trotman (16m), 3rd Place – Freddie Tomlinson (15m)

Under 11’s Girls: No qualifying throws

11 to 16 years Boys: 1st Place – Ben Hooper (57m), 2nd Place – Ross Singleton (55m), 3rd Place – James Marsh (53m)

11 to 16 years Girls: 1st Place – Kathryn Bradbeer (18m), 2nd Place – Tamara Burbridge (10m), 3rd Place – Jess Yardley (9m)

Over 16 Men: 1st Place – Ron Long (85m), 2nd Place – Michael Trout (79m), 3rd Place – Kevin Waltham (74m)

Over 16 Women: 1st Place – Becca Powis (34m), 2nd Place – Anna Adams (28m), 3rd Place – Frances Tomlinson (19m)

Teams: 1st Place – Jarrow Hackers Woods (210m), 2nd Place – Moberson Fergulies Ferguson (62m), 3rd Place – Binkle-Toes (36m).