State of Our Rivers Report

The Rivers Trust, our national body, have just released The State of Our Rivers Report.
Providing data on both a local and national scale for England, the report provides us with detail to better understand the health of our rivers; highlighting their plight and how we are losing the fight to enable rivers to be key in our climate resilience.
Some of the main points are:
  • Agriculture contributes towards nearly two-thirds of rivers failing to meet good status; the water sector over a half; and the urban and transport sector a quarter.
  • With no significant improvements in the last 5 years our rivers are flat-lining; we need a radical rethink for rivers!
  • Nature holds the key – we need real investment in nature-based solutions, at scale.
  • Government must act more boldly, but business and local partnerships are critical to the solution too.
England’s rivers are seen to be pristine and yet only 14% are in good ecological health, and every one of them is failing to meet chemical standards.
Of these failing rivers, agriculture impacts nearly two thirds (2,296 river water bodies); the water sector impacts over a half (2,032 river water bodies); and a quarter is attributed to the urban and transport sector.
And pollution isn’t the only problem. Habitat destruction and abstraction are also putting pressure on the future of our rivers.
Visit their website to find out more about the report:

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