Some bashing results!

At SCRT, we know that we wouldn’t be anywhere without the hard work of our dedicated volunteers.

Every year the River Kent Invasive Plants Action Group organise and coordinate Balsam Bashing events around the river Kent. Himalayan Balsam is a non-native invasive plant species that commonly grows near waterways and river banks. It  can have a significant ecological impact, as it grows persistently and suppresses native species and other flora.

Last year, our volunteers visited Bowston, near Kendal and carried out some Balsam Bashing in and around the Windermere Caravan and Camping Club Site. After revisiting the site this year and after only a year of control, the change is fantastic, with many native plant species returning to the sites controlled.

Thank you to all the volunteers who attend these events and who are making such a difference in the local area. There are many more Balsam Bashes lined up for this summer and we are always looking for volunteers to help join in. Why not take a look at some of the dates….Balsam Bashing Diary