Sir John Fisher Foundation funding for education work in Barrow

The Sir John Fisher Foundation have recently allocated £1500 to SCRT towards the Wild About Rivers education project.
Wild About Rivers is an education programme run by SCRT and this funding will help us target some schools in Barrow. It will support classroom visits and river-based visits so that children can learn more about river habitats and wildlife and get the opportunity to explore the river themselves.
Enabling children to access green and blue spaces boosts mental wellbeing, academic performance and encourages a better connection to nature fostering a willingness to care for it from a young age.
Barrow-in-Furness has less accessible green and blue spaces compared to other areas in the Lake District; 0.83ha per 1000 population in the centre of Barrow, compared to over 2,000ha accessible space per 1000 population in the neighbouring Lake District.
The Sir John Fisher Foundation is a Charitable Trust established in 1980, by Sir John and Lady Maria Fisher. The Foundation supports causes in six main areas; Maritime, Education, Medical & Disability, Music, Arts and Community Projects, with special regard for those in Barrow-in-Furness and the Furness peninsula.