Septic tank hotspotting

Last month, the Love Windermere Non-Mains Drainage Group came together to map private sewage systems around Lake Windermere. Private sewage systems include septic tanks, package treatment plants and cesspits.
Recent source apportionment data shows these sources contribute to around 20% of the total phosphorus in Lake Windermere. We are now working on an approach to target these areas and assess the outputs before we roll this out across the rest of our catchment areas. 
South Cumbria Rivers Trust lead the non-mains drainage group, working to reduce phosphorus inputs from non-mains drainage, with Love Windermere partners. Did you know there are over 2000 private sewage systems in the Windermere catchment.
Not sure if you have a septic tank or what you need to do to maintain it? Visit the Call of Nature website for information:
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