The new ‘Becks To Bay’ website is now LIVE!

We are your local catchment partnership for South Cumbria. Since summer 2015 we have been working together to build a partnership which functions to conserve and protect the catchments of South Cumbria. This website shows some of the information we have gathered to date, including the current status of our catchments, the main issues and the actions we are putting in place to improve the environment for all: please visit the ‘catchment plan’ tabs to find out more.  Becks to Bay is run by a core group of members, however the partnership is open to all and we would like to invite you to share your thoughts and join us in protecting our catchments for the future.

Are you a local organisation? A local landowner? A member of the public? We would love your support, the more we all come together the better we can protect our area for the future.

Please visit the website and sign up for the latest updates and to support the partnership