Floating Islands

We have installed 3 islands on the outer basin of Elterwater (close to Windermere) to a. provide nesting habitat for species such as Great Crested Grebe and b. to create floating vegetated habitat to aid in nutrient assimilation. They have just been planted with vegetation native to the hydrosere of Elterwater in preparation for the grebes during nesting season. We hope they will also help to soak up nutrient and phosphate compounds from the water.
These islands will be monitored to ensure they remain in position and to note down any use by birds for refuge or nesting. Monitoring will also be undertaken regularly to ensure the islands are appropriately secured and at the correct height in the water.  A fortnightly monitoring system will then be introduced during the bird nesting season.

Figure 1: Floating island anchored in place on Elterwater Outer basin.
Have a look at the planting..

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The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development:

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