Fish, Fish, Fish

South Cumbria Rivers Trust are currently out and about Electrofishing every week, during July-September.
Jayne, has been visiting sites throughout the catchment with civilian and business volunteers to carry out our fish surveys.
How does it work?
A 50m stretch of river is chosen at each site and the following is recorded:
  • average width
  • depth
  • riparian vegetation
  • pH
  • temperature
  • conductivity
The voltage and pulse width of the electrofishing equipment is then adjusted according to the recommended settings for the respective water conductivity and fish species. This ensures the safety of the fish and operators of the equipment.
The electrofishing equipment operator is aided by two assistants who are then responsible for netting the fish and transferring them to holding tanks. After the 50m stretch has been completed the fish are then surveryed, recording fish species and length. In order to minimise stress, surveys are completed as quickly as possible and they they are then returned along the length of the survey site.
Why do we do it?
Electrosfishing and it’s results give us a clearer picture of what species are in the river, numbers and fish health. It points us to issues and improvements that can be made to help fish migration, including; changes to barriers affecting migration, highlighting any pollution points and potential habitat improvement work. It’s a great monitoring technique to help ensure fish, river and catchment health.
We have so far been to Coniston, Duddon, Winster and the Furness Peninsula…with more to come.