Sponsor a reedbed!

Help to restore Windermere’s lost legacy

Windermere’s reedbeds have declined by more than 95% over the past 150 years. Reedbeds are not only important foraging and refuge habitats for trout, salmon and eels, but they also reduce lake shore erosion and trap nutrient rich sediments. Reedbeds support a huge range of wildlife and are full of activity, yet they still give us a sense of tranquillity and calm when we watch them swaying gently in the breeze. Sponsoring a reedbed in the Windermere catchment is a great way to protect wildlife and important habitats for the future. You can also dedicate your sponsorship to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or even in memory of a loved one. South Cumbria Rivers Trust helps to restore and manage reedbed habitats in the Windermere catchment by transplanting cuttings of reed rhizomes (specialised roots) from donor sites, installing wave barriers and protective fences, and reducing shading from shoreline vegetation.

Price: £10 one reedbed cutting, £25 three reed cuttings, £45 six reed cuttings (or choose your own amount)

What you will receive: A personalised sponsorship certificate, a fact sheet about reedbeds and a photograph. All funds raised will contribute to SCRT’s conservation work restoring reedbed habitats in the Windermere catchment.

N.B. This gift does not involve planting a reedbed, but will help to manage and restore new and existing reedbeds.

If you would like to sponsor a reedbed please contact us on 01539 530047.