Brian has been an angler from the age of 6, originally coarse angling and since moving to Cumbria in 1986 this transitioned to game angling.  Whilst angling has always been a driving passion, Brian also has a keen interest in all fauna and our need to maintain a balanced ecosystem alongside human requirements.  He has recently retired from GlaxoSmithKline and after 30 years working in a technical and regulatory role managing both people and projects.  He now wants to use those skills to work alongside like-minded others in managing, through both conserving and developing, the environment associated with our local river systems.

Brian’s immediate challenges within the Trust will be to take over from Colin High, who we sadly lost to illness earlier this year, by coordinating activities for the River Duddon catchment, ensuring the continuation of the projects that have already started, supporting new ones that arise, and in particular embedding the RiverFly monitoring across a new group of volunteers.