Electrofishing – Various dates and locations

Electrofishing is a survey technique used to assess the health, density and species of fish populations in our becks and rivers. 2-3 volunteers are needed per site to help catch, measure, record and release fish species.
Provisional dates are subject to change, based on weather and flow conditions. Full times and site details will be confirmed. Please email jayne@scrt.co.uk to register your interest.

E-fishing dates and catchment areas-
26th July – Duddon
29th July – Minor Catchment (Rusland area)
2nd August – Kent
3rd August – Winster – re-scheduled
4th August – Bela-  fully booked
8th August – Leven – fully booked
9th August – Furness Area – fully booked
10th August – Kent – fully booked
13th August – Kent  – cancelled
15th  August – Satterthwaite & Rusland – fully booked
16th August – Kent – fully booked
17th August – Kent – fully booked
19th August – Lickle – fully booked
22nd August – Provisional
24th August – Crake – fully booked
26th August – TBC
31st August – Leven – TBC
5th September – Furness – fully booked
6th September – Kent – fully booked
10th September – Kent – fully booked
13th September provisional – TBC
14th  September – Duddon – fully booked
16th September – Leven –fully booked
19th September – Duddon – fully booked
20th September – Kent Provisional
23rd September – TBC
26th  September – TBC
27th September – TBC
28th September – Duddon
Please note, that electrofishing is a vital part of our monitoring programme and we will be working in-river for the majority of the day. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, this is unsuitable for anyone with a pacemaker or heart condition.